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ICOFIN LTD is sell and trade company established in 2002. year in Belgrade. The company is specialized in supplying and selling to hotels and restaurants, the high quality equipment – porcelain, glass, table cloths, stainless steel and everything which means TABLE TOP.

Icofin LTD is company with 13 employees, show room of 60m2 and warehouse of 550m2.

Icofin is representing several well known companies in this field: Ionia, SELTMANN WEIDEN Group, G. Benedikt – porcelain, Hepp and Abert/Broggi - complete stainless steel equipment, Bormioli Rocco – glass and crystal, De Witte Lietaer – textile, Paderno – kitchen equipment and other necessities for hotels and restaurants, Tupperware – plastic containers for preparation, storage and serving food and beverages.

Dimitrija Tucovića 148
11000 Belgrade

Phone: 011 / 2405 600
Fax: 011 / 2405 612

E-mail: office@icofin.rs
Internet: www.icofin.rs

Icofin d.o.o. Dimitrija Tucovića 148, Belgrade | Phone: +381 11 2405 600, fax: +381 11 2405 612 | www.icofin.rs | office@icofin.rs